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Who Am I?


In the last 20 years, my interest has led me to the conclusion that hypnosis brings help to people who have been otherwise abandoned by doctors and psychiatry. My interest in hypnosis started 22 years ago in the United States when I was undergoing a hypnosis session that empowered me to quite smoking. I was very pleased with the results which I had achieved through hypnosis! Yes, even I am surprised at how quickly and effectively hypnosis works on my clients as well. This is completely without drugs or surgery.

With hypnosis, I have found a way to make a positive difference for my clients. It is so rewarding to know that I can help guide someone on their path to sucess. All my clients recieve an individual program with a particular focus. By personalizing each individual program, my clients achieve positive results in a shorter amount of time.

With me I guarantee results. Already after the first treatment you will notice a positive change. My specialty is hypnosis and hypnotherapy. From my experience, 5 Path Hypnosis provides the best and quickest results. 5 Path Hypnosis is a structured form of hypnosis and can be used for all different types of issues to achieve positive results.
In addition, I studied psychology in both the United States and Denmark. Thus I can offer coaching, therapy and identity therapy.


What is Hynosis?


Hypnosis is a collaboration between two people. It works when you, as a client, follow the simple suggestions that I give you. These suggestions will always be under your control. You will never have to accept anything which is contrary to your own morals and ethics. Therefore, hypnosis is performed in an entirely safe and secure environment.
Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of consciousness, which lies between the state of wake and sleep. Here is the mind more open to new suggestions and ideas. The condition is a natural state of mind and accessible to everyone, children and adults. You find yourself in a hypnotic state several times a day, such as when watching TV, lost in thought or daydreaming. Another example is where you drive on the highway and drive past the exit you should have taken, because you were thinking about something else.
Hypnosis is where the mind is in a state of heightened awareness, so you are extra susceptible to suggestion. Hypnosis makes contact with the part of the mind that holds our patterns, habits and emotions. Consciousness and subconsciousness is often illustrated with the Iceberg Concept. Consciousness is the 10% above the water, whereas 90% is subconsciousness laying below the water. Our consciousness is what we know right here and now. While our subconsciousness is where all the inhereted habits and patterns that are learned throughout our lives, from birth til now.
Within our subconsciousness lies our values, beliefs, memories, thoughts, and personal characteristics. All this creates our behavior for better or worse.
During our awakeness, subconsciouness controls 90% of our learned behavior, without us even realizing it. Here is where all our unintended habits and patterns are formed. Through hypnosis, we can focus on the issues you want to change by reorientating these patterns or habits. Therefore, changes to psychological issues such as anxiety, eating disorders, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc. can be efficiently achived through hypnosis.
80% of my clients are recomended by others who have undergone my treatment. I often hear from my clients, that they have reicieved the results that they have wished for in a short amount of time. Many claim that hypnosis works faster and more efficiently than any other form of therapy that they have tried before.
Privacy of each client is given the highest priority and all information provided during my sessions is entirely confidential. No problem is too big or too small. Each treatment will be performed with the highest standard. With me you will recieve the results you want.

There is a big difference between a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist.

A hypnotist allows you to be relaxed and provides you with positive suggestions. These suggested changes may lasts a few days or weeks, after which the problem occurs again.

A hypnotherapist works with the hypnosis as a tool to eliminate the problem or issue entirely.

This can be compared with a weed. Through hypnotherapy I remove the root, so the problem does not recur.


Before the session, the issues surrounding your problem are discussed. I will also answer all the questions that you may have. Afterwards we will begin the hypnosis, During this time you will feel secure and relaxed.
After hypnosis you will be in a comfortable state, as if you have awaken from a peaceful sleep. The changes are permanent and affects your life positively, often in other areas than expected.
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